Air Europa Interline Agreements

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes is Brazil`s largest airline, carrying more than 32 million customers a year. It is also a leader in the country`s business and leisure travel markets. In its 18-year history, the airline plays a key role in the democratization of air traffic in Brazil and has become the largest low-cost airline in the industry with the best fare in Latin America. Currently, it offers 750 daily flights to 76 destinations – in Brazil, South America, the Caribbean and the United States – with a standardized fleet of 125 Boeing 737s. The company maintains strategic alliances with Air France and KLM and offers its customers 14 codeshare agreements and more than 77 interline agreements that offer more convenience and ease of connection to any location served by these partnerships. With the goal of being the first for all, GOL has continuously invested in products, services and customer service to provide the best travel experience. #NovaGOL reinforces this concept and presents a leading company in various aspects – punctuality and comfort with the increase in the range of seats and more space between the seats; Connectivity and entertainment, provides the most complete platform with internet, movies and free live TV; the offer of VIP lounges for domestic and international flights; the best loyalty program on the market – Smiles; and customer service recognized and awarded by various organizations, such as the Brazilian ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil), the consumer protection website Reclame Aqui and the Brazilian Forum for Customer Relations. In the field of freight transport and logistics, GOLLOG allows the acquisition, distribution and delivery of parcels for different regions of the country and abroad. Internally, GOL relies on a team of 15,000 aviation experts – highly skilled employees who are always focused on safety, the airline`s most important value. For more information, Ryanair has been in discussions with a number of long-haul airlines for some time about possible interline agreements and other partnerships in the animal feed sector. Although the partnership deepens from the beginning, there are limits. Ryanair has repeatedly stated in the past that it has no interest in signing codeshare agreements or changing its schedule to allow connections with its partners. These features are unlikely to work in conjunction with Air Europa (or other partners).

In contrast, Ryanair has 53 destinations across Europe departing from Madrid alone. In the late 1990s, Boeing 737-800s were introduced with a new livery. In June 2005, it was announced that Air Europa was one of four future associate members of the SkyTeam alliance to join by 2006. However, the date of accession was postponed and did not become a member until 1 September 2007. Air Europa was the parent company of Air Dominicana, the new airline of the Dominican Republic, until it filed for bankruptcy on September 21, 2009. [14] Air Europa withdrew its last Boeing 767 on April 13, 2012. [15] On 23 May 2017, Ryanair and Air Europa announced a new commercial partnership that will allow Ryanair customers to book air Europa long-haul flights via Ryanair`s website. The agreement paves the way for a second phase in which Ryanair passengers will be able to book connecting flights from Madrid to Air Europa`s 20 long-haul destinations in North and South America. The agreement significantly raises Air Europa`s profile among European travellers, as long-haul routes will now be visible to Ryanair customers. In 2016, Ryanair carried 117 million passengers, compared to around 10 million for Air Europa. The codeshare agreement with GOL was implemented thanks to Air Europa`s commitment to Brazil and its commitment to developing its international growth with better domestic connectivity in the country.

On 17 May 2017, it took off from a connecting flight over Rome Fiumicino. This allows passengers to book connections on the first 10 routes to/from the FCO, including a booking reference and checked baggage transfer. In addition, passengers with such a reservation stay airside between flights. Air Europa was founded in 1986 (registered in Spain as Air España SA and formerly known as such) as part of the British group ILG-Air Europe and is 75% owned by Spanish banks. [12] It originally had a livery similar to Air Europe, but with Air Europa titles and its aircraft were registered in Spain. He flew holiday charters from Mediterranean resorts and European cities with Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 757. It was the first Spanish private company to operate domestic scheduled flights (alongside charter flights, which were previously its main activity). [Citation needed] Ryanair had previously considered offering connecting bookings at London Stansted and Barcelona. A competing LCC, Vueling, owned by IAG, offers connecting tickets to its Barcelona hub and the Rome FCO. Air Europa finished 17th.

Ranked among the leading airline groups in Europe by passengers carried in 2016; a list at the top of Ryanair. The announcement came just a week after Ryanair launched a connecting service in Rome Fiumicino. Ryanair is not the first European LCC to connect with other airlines or with itself. However, Europe`s largest airline group by passenger numbers is the only airline to offer these features while maintaining an extremely low cost base. The Irish LCC plans to transport 130 million in the year to March 2018 and 200 million in the year to March 2024. In fact, Ryanair said on 17 May 2017 that discussions on long-haul routes with Aer Lingus and Norwegian, as well as other long-haul airlines, would continue. Air Europa has gone even further in its international development and will serve more than 20 Brazilian cities from Sao Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador from January next year, applying the codeshare agreement with GOL Linhas Aéreas, Brazil`s largest national airline in terms of market share. .